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Great Indian Bustard
Birds of India provides information on Indian birds and on birding in India. Launched as 'Birds of Kolkata' in 2001, it is a birding resource containing images, checklists, trip reports, hotspots & much more.
The site is educational and the expectation is to generate awareness and interest in the avian wealth of India to aid conservation.
Birding Sites
We present a collection of birding hotspots from across the country often accompanied with Trip Reports and Checklists. You can find the collection

40 great birding destinations across the country are covered and we also include bird-rich Bhutan for a complete eastern birding experience.
A birding
hotspot map has been compiled which highlights 113 birding sites and protected places.

Trip reports are timeless works that make it possible for birders to visit new places and find new birds. A trip report is like a snapshot of what can happen when you visit a new location to find the bird of your dreams. It makes it possible for you to know about the best locations, the best season, and often what to expect from food, to roads, to accomodation and beyond. We have a collection of great reports by renowned birders covering most of the bird-rich areas of India. Dive in!

No birding resource is complete without a checklist of birds of the country, state and hotspots. Checklists are the backbone of any birdwatching experience. They are never complete, almost never 100% accurate, but they are indipensible as a birding tool and give us a great idea of wehere particular species occur.
We present a collection of over 30 checklists from across India. Plus, of course, a list for

The complete bird-watching guide for beginners! Birds of India brings you a section devoted to the novice birder - someone just getting interested in the amazing feathered world around us.

Pied Crow Corvus albus reported from Jodhpur, Rajasthan by Pranjal K Saikia August 2017. May be 1st record for India. Image here

Presenting an insight into the lives and minds of key figures in modern-day ornithology from an India-related birding perspective. Click here


10 most popular birding destinations in the country curated by 70 top birders


Over 500 birders voted to select the most beautiful bird of India - see the results here

CHIRPS! by Rohan

A collection of bird-related toons by Rohan Chakravarty here

Find exclusive articles on birds by prominent birders, notes on birds and behaviour, book reveiews and more.

This section is a treasure trove of resources. Find free downloads, conservation posters, maps, blogs, links to birding websites and other useful stuff.
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