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Birds of India is a free resource providing information on Indian birds and on birding in India. The site is educational and the expectation is to generate awareness and interest in the avian wealth of India to aid conservation.
The site is owned and maintained by Sumit Sen with voluntary contributions from many photographers and birders.

Bikram Grewal: Author of several best-selling guides to Indian birds, including the latest "Birds of India", Bikram has deep and abiding interest in Indian ornithology.
Bill Harvey: Author of birds of Bangladesh and co-author of "A Photographic Guide to the Birds of India" and lead author of the "Atlas of the Birds of Delhi and Haryana", Bill Harvey has lived and worked in this region for 10 years.
K. S. Gopi Sundar: Principal Co-ordinator - Indian Cranes and Wetlands Working Group. Author and contributor to key scientific journals. Gopi is one of the top field scientists working on India.

Sumit K Sen: Webmaster, website owner and photographer. It is an abiding interest in promoting and protecting India's natural heritage that drove him to create this site with the help of his friends and supporters. Sumit has co-authored various books including ''The Sundarbans Inheritance' and "Birds of India.
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